Saturday, July 11, 2009

Johannes Brahms!

This man flicked me off today.

At least, he looked like Toby Flenderson. I was driving on 27, and some dude I guess wanted to merge into my lane, but he wasn't signaling his intent to merge, so I didn't feel obligated to let him in in front of me when there was plenty of room behind me. So, he flipped me the bird. And I was delighted when I passed him and saw that the guy who was overly upset with me for littel to no reason was, as Daryl put it, "the guy with the sad eyes". Totally made my day.

Also, my day was even more made when I was watching Life, a good show I;m upset that I'm getting into as it has already been canceled, and one of the ads was this.

I would totally eat that, beard or no beard.

1 comment:

  1. "Yeah, that red-haired dude, with the sad eyes. He's cool." Ahh, Daryl.